15 month previous boy starves to loss of life after his mom dies of a drug overdose

A young boy whose body was found strapped to his car seat in his Tennessee home died of starvation and dehydration after his mother died from a fatal dose of meth and fentanyl.

32-year-old Tiffany Spears and her 15-month-old son Nicholas Crowder were found dead on February 9 last year at their Portland home, northeast of Nashville.

According to the autopsy results, which were only released on Monday, June 14, Spears died of a drug overdose and her body lay on the bathroom floor for several days.

Their two children, the late infant, and his three-year-old sister spent days with their dead mother in the locked house.

The girl, found alive in the house, reportedly tried to take care of her little brother before he starved to death. She apparently fed him eggs and other foods.

The coroner found dried eggs and eggshells in and around the baby’s car seat.

Police were alerted after a probation officer, who looked in through the window of the locked house, discovered the girl walking around the house unsupervised and her mother unresponsive on the bathroom floor.

The emergency services found the infant strapped to his car seat on the bedroom floor. Both Spears and Crowder were pronounced dead at the scene. There was no evidence of foul play and her death was classified as accidental, the report said.

Rescue workers took the toddler to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Investigators had always suspected that Spears had died of a drug overdose while taking drug paraphernalia out of the house. Her toxicological report showed alarming levels of meth and fentanyl in her system.

According to the authorities, there had previously been further drug-related deaths in the rented apartment. However, they have not provided confirmation as to whether these deaths are related to previous tenants.

It is not clear how long the infant was dead before both bodies were discovered. The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident for more information on the timing of the events.

Representation picture. Pixabay

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