Addiction treatment centers have noticed a decline in the number of people seeking help

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) – During the pandemic, addiction centers have seen a decrease in people seeking help. Revive Ministries in Hastings had seen the problem firsthand.

Barbara Strobel, the clinical director of Revive Ministries’ Horizon Recovery and Counseling Center, said the reason for the decline could be because, in addition to treatment prices, more people were staying at home than ever before.

“I think the cost scares a lot of people too, but they don’t put it in the right context,” she said. “It’s either their life or the price sometimes and they spend so much money on their addiction.”

Strobel noted that although the number of customers had declined overall, more than usual alcohol addicts sought help over the course of COVID-19.

Margaret Pederson, who works as a consultant for Horizon Recovery and Counseling, had overcome the addiction herself and also offered advice to those looking to change their lives.

“Just ask for help,” said Pederson. “That’s the biggest hurdle in picking up the phone because sometimes it feels like it weighs 500 pounds.”

Strobel said they usually had more addicts seeking help after the vacation, and they expected an increase in the coming weeks.

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