Affordable mental health resources are coming to Harrisburg, Laney Walker

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – Construction is still ongoing on Augusta’s $10 million project “The Hub.”

The site is scheduled to open this spring and will house a variety of non-profit facilities: a farmers’ market and free medical care.

Now we are learning that this includes mental health care. We checked out the new mental health department.

With a central location between Harrisburg and downtown Augusta, it’s no wonder The Hub “thrives” in the focus of their minds.

Under Harrisburg Family Health Care, Dr. Faye Hargrove the implementation of the “Thrive” mental health unit that will feed into the Medical College of Georgia coalition project.

“We understand that everyone who lives in this community is affected by the fact that they live largely in poverty, in a food desert, in a situation where there are substandard schools, all of which creates a situation for, that challenges our mental health,” Hargrove said.

She adds that there is a link between mental and physical health that can lead to heart disease.

“40 percent of the homeless on the street struggle with mental health problems. It’s a big deal and because we don’t have psychiatric facilities like we used to have, prisons are becoming the biggest psychiatric facilities,” she said.

At the state level, the governor is putting more money into his budget to support mental health in the community.

“It’s an exciting time for people to even begin to understand what mental health is and how important it is to our well-being. I guess did I say I’m excited? I’m excited,” Hargrove said.

They are self-proclaimed “Thrive” from the notion that they work to ensure the people of Harrisburg and Laney Walker have free and affordable resources to live and thrive in their communities.

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