Are blood ties insurance to protect those with drug ties?

10 Oct 2022 | 06:54am ACTUAL

Are blood ties insurance to protect those with drug ties?

The taxi driver who facilitated drugs supply to Hyderabad youth was arrested, but the main drug supplier, claiming he’s a relative of a senior cop, roams free

Peter de Souza

PANJIM: This is a story emerging straight from the Calangute police station. Drug supplier who was traced by the cops while interrogating the taxi driver who supplied drugs to a Hyderabad tourist who overdosed with them and had to be rushed to hospital, played an interesting escape card, when summoned to the Calangute police station.

He reportedly said that his close relative is a senior cop in the Goa police establishment. While it is unclear whether that card worked or not, the taxi driver is under arrest, but the drug supplier is not

Here are the details. On September 20, Devineni Trilok Chaudhary, from Hyderabad was rushed to the Goa Medical College Hospital (GMC) after he collapsed at a hotel in Calangute and was frothing at the mouth.

Doctors on duty discovered that it was a case of drug overdose and suspected that MDMA might be the cause. The Calangute police were then asked to investigate.

When the young tourist regained consciousness after three days, he told the police that he had inhaled cocaine which was supplied to him by the tourist taxi driver he had hired from the Dabolim airport.

The Calangute police then swung into action and after scanning CCTV footage at the airport, identified the driver of the Swift Dzire cab as 28-year-old Prathamesh Palekar, a resident of Mangor Hill, Vasco.

After Palekar was arrested, he confessed to the police that he had not supplied the drug to the tourist but helped him to buy it from a Panjim-based “supplier” He also told the police that he had made around five calls to the Panjim drug dealers.

On scrutinizing the call details, the Calangute police identified the drug supplier and summoned him to the station, and also issued him a notice under Section 41 of CrPC. On reaching the police station, the drug dealer began bragging and issuing veiled threats by stating that his close relative was a senior police officer.

Interestingly he wasn’t arrested. Nonetheless, to play safe, the cops had affected an entry into the station diary mentioning the name of the drug dealer and stating he was involved in the case.

A senior police officer, on condition of anonymity, stated that since the consumer and the taxi driver were arrested and booked for the crime, it was imperative that the same yardstick should have also been applied to the drug dealer. He questioned (his own force) why the influential drug dealer had not yet been arrested.

North Goa SP Shobit Saxena was not available for his comments.


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