As overdose numbers continue to spike, addiction recovery center sees more people seeking help

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – Year by year the number of overdoses and deaths in the state have continued to rise since 2019. Now that the dusk is settling from the pandemic, recovery programs say they’re seeing another spike in people needing help .

Phoenix Center is a local in-patient recovery and resource service. They say the increase in need they’ve seen is two-fold. More people are asking for help, and more people are falling victim to addiction. Either way, they’re adapting their services to help.

“There were a lot of people when it was time to go back to work they tried to change their substance use, and they found they had already crossed over into addiction and needed help,” said Jessica Owens, the COO of the Phoenix Center.

Phoenix Center is busy these days. The worst of the pandemic might be behind us, but opioid overdoses are still rising, and more people are turning to them for help

“There is an increase in fentanyl being put into methamphetamine, cocaine and other drugs,” said Owens.

From 2021 to now, they’ve already seen a 63% jump in inquiries for their in-patient detox program.

“We tried to get people to outpatient services before they could get into our withdrawal management just to make sure they were receiving some type of service,” she said.

They’ve also been distributing more Narcan into the community.

“Just last year we gave out 2,300 doses. In the past three months we’ve already given out 630 doses” she said.

Because drugs laced with fentanyl are becoming more common, Phoenix Center is also giving out something that might be vital, fentanyl test strips.

“We also see more people who are coming in and specifically asking for fentanyl test strips to test their drugs to make sure they’re safe to use because they have had friends and family who have recently overdosed,” said Owens.

Phoenix Center is working to reach people wherever they are.

“We are going to be out in the community handing out these resources and meeting them if they don’t have transportation to get her to us, we have funds we can help get them to our services”

If you are in need of resources Phoenix Center will be hosting a Rally for Recovery September 18th at the Shipman Center from 4:00p to 7:00p. They’ll have music, food, games and recovery awards. All are welcome to attend.


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