Bachelorette winner returning to Newark for chat on mental health | The Latest from WDEL News

Former Bachelorette winner Zac Clark is returning to Newark on Monday, looking to promote improved mental health.

Clark, who won the Fall 2020 edition of the ABC television reality show, will make his second visit to Sean’s House on Monday, April 22, 2022, for a day that includes conversations about mental health topics, and also a community run/walk.

Sean’s House Operations Director is Scott Day, a college baseball teammate of Clark’s at York College, and Day said the up to 4-mile run/walk is just an icebreaker for bigger discussions.

“It’s really about getting out, smiling, and laughing with each other while talking. The discussion is really about starting the conversation.”

Day, who has battled his own mental health struggles, said the post-run plan is to just sit in the backyard of Sean’s House, and share stories and advice on difficult topics.

“Having these conversations are so critical now around these topics. To be able to have Zac come with his crew, and Zac sit there and ask questions of us, and us have really important discussions about this stuff, we hope it will be very impactful to the community.”

Clark told WDEL during October’s visit that people were willing to speak with him about intensely personal things, looking to prevent the outcome of former UD basketball player Sean Locke, who took his life just before his 24th birthday.

“Too many. Just in this little event today I’ve probably had a dozen people share with me people they’ve lost to this thing, whether it be an overdose or a suicide, or whatever it might be.”

Monday’s events begin with introductions at 10 am, followed by the run/walk through Newark beginning at 10:15 am

There will be a meet & greet between 11-12 as people finish their run/walks, before the panel discussion with Clark, and his team from New York’s Release Recovery beginning at 12:15.

A planned connection time is scheduled through 3 pm at Sean’s House located at 136 W. Main Street in Newark.

Day said any time he can engage the greater University of Delaware and Newark communities on the topic of mental health, it makes the communities stronger.

“This is the generation that will change how we talk about mental health and addiction, it just is. It’s a generation that will bring it to the forefront, and talk about it.”

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