Caroll County MP Rescues Man From Drug Overdose While Visiting Local QuickTrip | Messages

ATLANTA (CBS46) – A Carroll County MP is recognized for saving a man’s life while driving home from work.

Amber Cardell was on her way home from Bay Springs Middle School, where she serves as the school resource office, when she passed QuikTrip on Bankhead Highway.

Upon entering the store, she was approached by customers about a man found unconscious in the bathroom.

Deputy Cardell found the man unresponsive and leaning against a cubicle on the bathroom floor. She quickly called 911 and administered Narcan after discovering that the man showed signs of a drug overdose.

After three to four minutes, the man regained consciousness. He refused further treatment.

The Caroll County Sheriff’s Office had this to say:

“Although the man has not been cooperative with medical treatment and may not fully understand the circumstances surrounding the life-saving measures Deputy Cardell took to save him, we know that he has people in this world who love him and who would be grateful for Deputy Cardell’s efforts. ” . This serves as a reminder that while Narcan has proven effective in most cases the Sheriff’s Office has distributed to individuals, it is a temporary solution to a long-term problem. Unfortunately, many of our deputies had to use Narcan recently to save someone else’s life. If you have substance abuse we encourage you to seek help because next time there may not be Deputy Cardell or others to bring you back to life. “

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