Clatsop County Partners Awarded $6 Million Grant for Addiction-Reduction Efforts

POSTED: March 6, 2022

May 6, 2022 (Astoria, OR) — Clatsop County and a coalition of local partners will together receive more than $6 million in state funding to support a local health-based approach to fighting substance abuse and overdoses.

The county learned Friday from the Behavioral Health Resources Network (BHRN) grant award, made possible through the state’s Measure 110 drug addiction and treatment program.

“Substance abuse is a complex problem and to make serious inroads on this issue will require all of us working together. This grant gives us that opportunity,” said Monica Steele, Clatsop County assistant county manager.

“This is a great boost for our community,” said Neal Rotman, housing services manager at Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare. “It will allow us to expand most of the services we currently offer as a community.”

Clatsop County Public Health county partnered with its addiction and treatment provider, Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare, as well as Clatsop Community Action, Providence Seaside Hospital Foundation, and Helping Hands Re-entry and Outreach on the successful grant application.

A total of up to $6,191,935 will be available this biennium to the partnership to provide a spectrum of services including behavioral health needs screening, intervention planning, low-barrier treatment, peer support and mentoring, housing services, harm reduction intervention and supported employment.

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