County supervisors warn of drug health crisis

SAN DIEGO — San Diego County Board of Supervisors have declared a heath crisis surrounding the powerful sedative drug known as fentanyl.

The synthetic narcotic has now claimed the lives of 800 San Diegans last year. County officials say the epidemic of this drug is killing far too many residents, claiming the lives of 800 San Diegans last year.

“It’s not even a drug overdose, it’s really poison,” county supervisor Jim Desmond said. “A lot of these people that have died from it weren’t really drug addicts.”

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A new campaign is being pushed by county supervisors for parents to warn their children about how just a trace amount of the drug can kill, and that six out of 10 pills authorities recover have a lethal amount of the opioid.

“The kids can get this online and get it delivered to the house,” Desmond said.

Roughly $100 million over 18 years has been recovered from a lawsuit that will be used to raise awareness about the highly addictive and deadly drug.

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