Delonte West makes shocking admission about mental health issues

Former NBA player Delonte West made headlines recently after a video clip of himself panhandling on the streets went viral. Apparently, West has been wandering around in the streets of Virginia and asking for some spare change from passers-by.

A content creator named Shiakuro recently went up to meet with West and ask him about his current situation. The former 24th overall pick of the 2004 NBA Draft was more than happy to get some things off his chest as he enjoyed a free meal from his interviewer.

At a certain point in their conversation, West made a shocking admission about how dire his mental health issues have become:

“I suffered from mental health, you know,” West said. “I got early stages of the mess. I’m just losing my thoughts, man. … Sometimes I forget I even played basketball.”

This is just sad. For a man to completely forget — albeit temporarily — such an important chapter in his life is a clear indication of some form of mental illness. West has sought out and received help in the past but apparently some of his problems still persist. It is worth noting that Delonte West also has a history of addiction, so this could very well be a factor in all this as well.

For his part, however, it appears that West is clinging to his faith as a source of strength as he constantly battles his demons:

“You know what, God knows what He’s doing,” West continued.

I hope Delonte West gets more help with his mental health struggles… 🙏🙏

Video Cred. @OpokuShaq

— Mitch Moore (@MitchMooreNBA) July 7, 2022

We just hope that West gets the help he needs again. This man is just 38, and he still has his whole life ahead of him.

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