Fears mounting over drug dealers using ‘rainbow fentanyl’ to attract young users – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather

by: dr Mary Gillis, D.Ed.

Posted: Aug 22, 2022 / 06:50 PM EST / Updated: Aug 22, 2022 / 06:53 PM EST

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Federal officials are sounding the alarm now that deadly colorful pills and powders known as ‘rainbow fentanyl’ have entered the US drug trade.

Authorities say sellers are using their playful appeal and candy-like resemblance to attract young users.

Additionally, when rainbow fentanyl was seized in Oregon the Portland Sheriff’s Department issued a warning to the public:

“Deputies are particularly concerned about rainbow fentanyl getting into the hands of young adults or children, who mistake the drug for something else, such as candy or a toy, or those who may be willing to try the drug due to its playful coloring,” according to the Portland Sheriff’s Department.

The drugs have also been detected in California, Arizona and Washington DC

According to a report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Center for Health Statistics estimates over 107,000 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States in 2021. Fears are mounting that number will soar as rainbow fentanyl makes its way across the country.


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