Greg Nance who made local stop finishes run for mental health

(WKBN) — A man who stopped in Columbiana in May during his run across America finally completed his journey this week.

Greg Nance started his 3,000-mile journey in New York on April 25 and stepped foot in the Pacific in Washington on Monday.

Urgent care coming to Glenwood Avenue

His run was all in support of youth mental health, and his journey was inspired by his own struggles with mental health and addiction he faced as a teen.

Boardman resident Roc Powell was Nance’s crew chief for the last leg of his journey and said the final moments of the run were emotional.

“Even from the kids, the others who are struggling with mental health issues, the tears were just going. His whole family was there just waiting,” said Powell.

Over his journey, Nance raised nearly $110,000 for grants that will support youth mental health.

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