How one Wichita Falls one overcame drug addiction

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) -The World Health Organization says around 15 million people are addicted to hard drugs across the world. One man in Wichita Falls use to fall in that category, but not anymore.

Jason Perkins says he hit rock bottom while using, but that journey led him to where he is today. He came to a point in life where he had to make a decision; let drug addiction control his life while everything slips away, or make a change and rewrite the story of Jason Perkins.

“I was in this business before in the early 2000’s and after many years of success, I lost everything behind an addiction,” Jason Perkins said.

His job, his house, his family, everything that described the life of Jason Perkins was no more as drug addiction replaced everything he once loved. However, he says hitting rock bottom gave him the strength to make a change.

“Without losing every bit of that, I still would have told myself in my head it is not that bad,” Jason said. “So, I had to get all the way down to the bottom before I said, ‘this doesn’t make any sense.’ ‘I can no longer justify what I am doing.’”

“The disease of addiction is a family disease,” Danielle Perkins, Jason’s wife said. “It takes collateral damage and our relationship spiraled out of control because I didn’t know he was using.”

In 2012, Jason’s girlfriend at the time took their kids and left. Jason was truly alone, but even apart Danielle prayed for him to get better.

“And they did these little prayer things and I never had people say that they really are praying for you,” Danielle said. “I wrote on my little prayer card that they would take home to just pray for Jason, pray that he would get clean and sober.”

“One day I just decided I didn’t want to do this anymore and I didn’t want to hurt her, my family or any of my children anymore,” Jason said. “So, that was day one on a new journey.”

The next chapter of his life began. Jason and Danielle got back together after over a year apart, and started his recovery process. He says it wasn’t easy, but a large impact in his life was his late father.

“I try to do all the things that he taught me, that he would be proud of to carry on his legacy to teach his grandkids,” Jason said. “Ultimately be somebody that I know he would be proud of.”

Jason is now married to Danielle and the couple just celebrated their 5 year anniversary. He is the owner of his company that is named after his late father. Now, he is telling his story to help anyone that may need it.

“If I can have the same affect on people that other people have had on me, then it is all worth it,” Jason said.

“It is in a lot more homes than people realize or they justify,” Daniella said. “Talking about this I just hope brings a little more awareness to no matter where you are right now, doesn’t mean you have to stay there.”

They described drug addiction as a disease, one that affects everyone around you. Help is out there and they advise everyone that may be going through something similar to reach out for help, because you can’t start a new chapter before turning the page on the previous one.

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