LA House legislation proposed to prevent drug overdose | News

In 2021, East Baton Rouge reported to have 248 deaths due to drug overdose, six more than the previous year. Most deaths stemmed from the use of opioids and fentanyl.

Baton Rouge Police department and other local and state officials are planning to find a way to get drug dealers off the street and reduce the percentage of overdoses. Assistant Clerk of the Louisiana House of Representatives Ron Smith stated there is legislation being proposed and written into law.

“Pieces of legislation are being proposed and acted into law,” Smith said. “The Attorney General received a settlement with opioid companies to combat with education and advertising as well as as rehab centers.”

“Also, what is being done on a state level in regard to law are to make it easier to access drugs that prevent overdoses from occurring and to have them readily available,” he continued.

Smith also states that the new legislation will be proposed for the March 14 session pertaining to the opioid crisis and ways to decrease the use of drugs. He hopes that this legislation will decrease the amount of drug related deaths in the state.

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