LSD for anxiety; Gov’t Addiction Website Snafu; Statins for depression?

Treatment with 200 µg of LSD yielded quick and significant improvements in symptoms of anxiety in a phase II trial, MindMed announced.

The Lancet Psychiatry Commission published a report on how to advance mental health services and policy for the mental health effects of intimate partner violence.

Patients struggling with addiction often run into issues when accessing the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s website, which features a directory of over 13,000 state-licensed treatment facilities. (CNN)

The oral NMDA receptor antagonist and sigma-1 receptor agonist dextromethorphan-bupropion (AXS-05) significantly improved symptoms of depression compared with bupropion alone, according to the randomized phase II ASCEND trial. (American Journal of Psychiatry)

Compared with placebo, treatment with the investigational oral agent xanomeline-trospium (KarXT) yielded clinically meaningful improvements in Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale total score for inpatients with schizophrenia, a post-hoc analysis of the 5-week phase II EMERGENT-1 trial found . (Journal of Clinical Psychiatry)

A study from Norway found that suicide risk among individuals who engaged in deliberate self-harm was three times higher if they did not attend recommended psychiatric treatment. (JAMA Psychiatry)

The attorneys general of Illinois, Connecticut, and Rhode Island asked a federal appeals court to reconsider a ruling in March stating that United Behavioral Health didn’t need to cover certain mental health and addiction treatment services after giving the insurer wiggle room in defining “medically necessary” treatment. (Reuters)

Could statins be used as a prophylactic treatment for depression? (Biological Psychiatry)

NRx Pharmaceuticals said it enrolled its first patient in a phase II trial of an investigational fixed-dose combination product of D-cycloserine and lurasidone for bipolar depression with subacute suicidality.

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