Mayor to ask state officials to establish mandatory care requirements for addiction treatment

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WSAZ) – Addiction treatment facilities have been discussed at length by Portsmouth City Councilmembers for months. Mayor Sean Dunne has been advocating for mandatory care requirements for these facilities.

“It has been great to see so many members of our community participate in the discussion. At the end of the day, the residents of Portsmouth are our boss,” Dunne said.

For several months, Dunne and city council members have considered potential registration programs and even asked community members for their input on how to move forward with regulating addiction treatment facilities and how to ensure quality care. Dunne is now set to propose a request to state officials to intervene.

“For us to say that something now has to happen for regulatory oversight … if you look at the legal terrain and the further strain of city employee time and taxpayer money, we just don’t have the ability to do it ourselves as a city,” Dunne said.

Dunne says he will draft up a proposal that would suggest an extension of the moratorium for all medical facilities and ask state officials to mandate a standard of care for addiction treatment and recovery.

“We have a situation where I think it would also send a message to Columbus of, ‘What would they have us do?'” Dunne said. “What I would love to see is just some action taken immediately. Lives are at stake. People are in very vulnerable circumstances, and I think some people are exploiting that.”

City Council’s next meeting is scheduled for Sept 26.


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