Mayor Wu visits a closed addiction hospital on Long Island – Boston 25 News

BOSTON – Boston Mayor Michelle Wu says the city is well on the way to clearing the Methadone Mile camps by next week.

The mayor toured Long Island for the first time since the island’s addiction aid facility was cut off from the mainland when the bridge was demolished years ago.

The city’s own facility has so far had more than 1,000 beds for addiction treatment. But the bridge connecting the island to the mainland was demolished in 2015 after it was deemed unsafe.

Mayor Wu is saying – Boston taxpayers pay $ 1.3 million a year to keep the facilities heated and running. Boston and Quincy are in a lawsuit over the facility because Quincy says it doesn’t want commercial traffic to come through its city – which is currently the only way to get to the island.

The mayor and her team believe that it is worth the enormous cost to bring it back into operation with a ferry or a new bridge.

“What is or is not worth,” Mayor Wu said on Tuesday: “Every life that we can save, every person we can accommodate is a step forward that we will analyze.”

Mayor Wu said Tuesday’s trip was part of a full review of all of the city’s owned areas to see what could be used in this health crisis. The mayor says everything is on the table and Long Island is currently part of the long-term solution.

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