Mental Health Activity Center at Southfield Features Ax Throwing, Plate Breaking Rooms

Danielle Kato stands in 1:11 The Collective, a new business in Southfield that allows patrons to throw axes, break plates, and more to release stress. // Courtesy of 1:11 The Collective

A new facility, 1:11 The Collective, is metro Detroit’s first interactive experience with physical activities tailored as release-valves from life’s pressures, allowing users to release tension in rejuvenating ways.

Located at 15618 W. 10 Mile Road in Southfield, 1:11 The Collective is now open for stress relief with sessions starting at $30 an hour.

The facility houses specially designed rooms with nontraditional therapeutic activities, including ax throwing, the break room for plate smashing sessions, an affirmation wall, speed bagging, sound therapy, and full-body massage chairs.

To help clients disconnect from distractions and reconnect with the inner self, there will be couples’ activities, yoga, and therapeutic classes. There’s also virtual reality therapy.

1:11 The Collective was founded by Danielle Cato, a Detroit native and licensed clinician in school-based settings and in private practice. She says the business’s name combines the number one, for independence, with the number 11, for motivation — and is styled as 1:11 to indicate the time is right to form empowering collectives.

“I have worked in the mental health sector for years while studying various forms of clinical services,” Cato says. “From experience, I have adapted a nontraditional framework that includes an immersive opportunity to become mentally healthy.”

Access to 1:11 The Collective includes monthly memberships for some of the classes. All clients must be 16 or older, and at least 18 years old for the ax throwing room. There will be trained attendants on site and there are no fitness requirements for participants.

Cato says her work has focused on youth and family development, and she has extensive experience in program design.

She adds high energy stress relieving and mental health improvement activities are a perfect antidote to COVID-19-induced isolation and the frustrations of everyday life.

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