Mental health experts share tips on how to best deal with isolation when you are positive for COVID. tests

CENTRAL COAST, Calif. – Experts provide advice on managing the mental health effects of isolation after a positive COVID-19 test.

Those who test positive for COVID need to be isolated.

The feeling of isolation can have an impact on mental wellbeing.

“Cabin fever is a very common occurrence,” said Suzanne Grimmesey, chief quality care and strategy officer for Santa Barbara County’s Behavioral Wellness. “It is common to feel frustrated, angry, stressed, and concerned about the financial repercussions.”

Both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties Behavioral Wellness said that such feelings are normal.

But there are ways to best deal with isolation.

“To be able to reach out to our loved ones, our friends, our family,” said Shannon Jensen of the SLO County’s Behavioral Health Department. “I think that’s important to reduce isolation.”

One is to keep yourself busy by learning something new.

Whether baking, drawing, meditating and more.

“It’s easy to believe that we have no control over things when guidelines tell us to stay in quarantine,” said Grimmesey. “So we have to focus on what we can control.”

Going into your backyard in isolation is another option.

“To practice some mindfulness, listen to the wind blowing the trees, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birds and don’t interact with others,” said Jensen-Best. “And it’s nice to have those moments when you leave the house.

Both counties say the quarantine is temporary and self-care is important.

“I think it’s important to always remember the long-term effects of a traumatic event,” said Grimmesey. “What can be absolutely certain – the diagnosis and then the isolation. The long-term effect results from our experience from the event. not the event itself. “

“It’s also so important that people know they can reach out to psychotherapists,” said Jensen-Best. “We can still be reached via telemedicine. We still have things like hotlines. these are great resources. “

For information on how to handle the Santa Barbara County quarantine, click here. For San Luis Obispo County click here.

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