Mercy Hospital Ada Opens Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Service | Local news

Mercy Hospital Ada is opening an inpatient withdrawal stabilization service to assist patients in recovery in Pontotoc County and the surrounding areas. Mercy’s medical staff will manage the patient’s symptoms during peak withdrawal and work with BreakThru to provide a voluntary, private and confidential service.

The death toll from drug overdose is at an all-time high in the US, with an estimated 93,331 deaths in 2020 alone, a 29.4% increase from 2019. In a recent TIME magazine article, Robert Anderson, the center’s head of mortality statistics for Disease Control and Prevention, predicts the number of deaths from overdose is likely to exceed 100,000 in 2021.

Alcohol consumption has also seen a worrying increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. The data shows a 54% increase in alcohol sales and a 262% increase in online alcohol sales. The CDC responded to these concerns by stating: “The rise in overdose deaths underscores the need to keep essential services accessible to the most vulnerable and to expand prevention and response activities.”

“We have seen the results of withdrawal support services in other Mercy communities,” said Terence Farrell, president of Mercy Hospital Ada. “We want to offer these services to the Ada community and the surrounding area because it is important for people with addiction to have a program that offers hope and a future.”

Patients with addiction problems often experience a range of symptoms – from anxiety and pain to more serious and life-threatening conditions. BreakThru treats these symptoms and any comorbidities during the entire waiting period. This helps ensure safe and effective medical outcomes that position patients for success in ambulatory recovery.

After discharge, patients have many options for their continued recovery. BreakThru care managers have built relationships within the community to offer inpatient treatment, outpatient counseling, intensive outpatient treatment, or partial hospitalization. The service staff creates individual discharge plans together with the patient.

“BreakThru provides a much-needed service for those affected by substance abuse,” said Laura Outlaw, chief operating officer of TriTanium Solutions and the BreakThru service. “Our care model is based on both medical knowledge and industry best practices. BreakThru is committed to continuing to be a trusted provider of medical withdrawal management services by achieving excellence in public relations, quality of service and patient outcomes. “

BreakThru services at Mercy Hospital Ada officially began enrolling patients on December 13th. Call 580-768-0774 for help with drug use. You can also visit BreakThru’s Facebook page for more information.

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