Monsoon session of assembly: Anil Vij admits drug menace on the rise in Haryana

Accepting candidly in the assembly that the drug menace is on the rise as 97,474 people underwent treatment in government facilities for substance use in the last seven months, Haryana home minister Anil Vij on Wednesday called upon the legislators to join the state government’s anti-drug crackdown .

“I have not tried to hide anything…nor we are denying the prevalence of drug menace. Let’s join hands… we will eradicate this menace if all of us remain united while dealing with this problem,” the home minister said responding to a calling attention notice on the drug menace in the state.

Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) MLA Abhay Singh Chautala, Congress MLAs Amit Sihag, Shishpal Singh, Mewa Singh, Geeta Bhukkal and Neeraj Sharma had moved the calling attention notice on the drug menace.

In his notice, Amit Sihag (Dabwali) said that the BJP-JJP government is sitting like a mute spectator while the youth of the state are in the grip of drugs and crime. He said in Sirsa seven people had allegedly died of a drug overdose in May. Abhay Chautala said the government should enact a “very strict” law to curb this menace and take strict action against the suppliers of the substance.

The home minister said in 2020, police registered 2,982 cases under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act and arrested 4,477 persons and recovered 222 kg opium, 231 kg charas, 12,726 kg poppy husk, 8,641 kg ganja, 36 kg heroin, 13 lakh tablets and 2 lakh capsules.

In 2021, the police registered 2,745 cases under the NDPS Act, arrested 3,975 persons and recovered 345 kg opium, 157 kg charas, 8,550 kg poppy husk, 11,368 kg ganja, 29 kg heroin, 13 lakh tablets and 45,280 capsules.

Vij said in this calendar year up to August 2, the state police had registered 2,334 cases under the NDPS Act and arrested 3,209 persons and recovered 181 kg opium, 145 kg charas, 7,435 kg poppy husk, 10,193 kg ganja, 20 kg heroin, 13 -gram cocaine, 4 lakh tablets and 2,71,769 capsules.

Properties worth 25 crore have been attached and seizure of property worth about 7 crore is under process, he said listing out the steps the government has taken to deal with the drug trafficking and drug abuse.

Vij said the Haryana State Narcotics Control Bureau (HSNCB) has chalked out a comprehensive plan for prevention and detection which was launched with three objectives, reducing demand and supply and creating awareness.

The home minister said the number of registered patients undergoing treatment for drug de-addiction rose from 44,643 in 2015 to 57,995 in 2016, 70,082 in 2017, 1,01,599 in 2018, 1,16,311 in 2019, 1,08,426 in 2020, 1, 15,587 in 2021 and 97,474 as of July 31, 2022.

action plan

Demand reduction: A five-tier structure from village to state level has been designed with a vision to build a mechanism to prevent and control NDPS.

Supply reduction: Two android mobile applications namely “Prayaas” and “Sathi” have been designed by the HSNCB with an aim to help addicts and victims in recognising, understanding and fighting their issues anonymously. This information will be automatically integrated with “Hawk” software run by the HSNCB. This data will be used for criminal prosecution of all those indulging in illegal trade.

Mass awareness: For mass awareness, “Dhakad” program has been designed and implemented to prevent drug abuse among adolescent and youth, particularly students. Approximately, 25 lakh students and their associated families shall be covered, which shall cover almost half of the state population.

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