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BrightView announces the opening of a new outpatient drug treatment facility in Lynchburg to help Campbell County’s residents recover from addictions. BrightView’s new center program is located at 3704 Old Forest Road in Lynchburg and offers accessible, comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment. Thanks to its outpatient model, the new center can help treat a practically unlimited number of residents in the region.

BrightView programs include drug-assisted treatment (MAT), individual and group therapy, peer support and comprehensive social services to address the full range of substance use disorder challenges. Each program is tailored to the patient’s goals and needs, which ensures the best chance of long-term success.

Effective addiction treatment is becoming increasingly important in Campbell County and the state. Fatal overdoses increased nearly 40 percent in the first 6 months of 2020 compared to the same period last year. In addition, 17 percent of adults in the county reported excessive drinking according to the 2017 County Health Rankings.

By connecting patients with case managers and working with local authorities, BrightView also helps people find safe shelter, reliable transportation, access to food and even prepare for work. In fact, BrightView’s patient unemployment rate drops an average of 50 percent in the first 90 days.

COVID has not interrupted BrightView’s commitment to high quality care, which includes providing masks and hand sanitizing stations on site, practicing social distancing, and offering telemedicine and virtual treatment options.

“BrightView is ready and motivated to bring innovative, research-based addiction treatment to the Lynchburg area,” said Chad Smith, CEO of BrightView.

“Our own research, validated by third party studies, shows that partnering with Campbell County’s medical providers and judicial system professionals is also critical to promoting both preventive and immediate care. We want to ensure that everyone with the substance use disease disorder can receive treatment and achieve long-term recovery. ”

Individuals or families seeking help can call BrightView at 833-510-HELP (4357) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or to make an appointment online at Treatment often begins on the same day, and walk-ins are welcome until 3:00 p.m. on weekdays. It takes patients in rehab less than four hours from the time they walk in the door to receive stabilizing medication, complete their first counseling session, and begin a permanent recovery.

“Our Lynchburg center serves adult seeking help with a variety of substance use disorders,” said Lance Woods, Virginia, and BrightView vice president of Operations. “This district is our home and the BrightView team is committed to helping people recover by providing accessible, substance-dependent care in a friendly, non-judgmental environment. Our goal is to create a healthier and happier community for everyone in Lynchburg. “

Effective outpatient addiction treatment not only helps individuals and their families, but also reduces pressures on the criminal justice system and local hospitals. BrightView patients reduce their time in prison by an average of nearly 70 percent during their first 90 days in the outpatient program. Patients also report a 33 percent reduction in emergency rooms in the first three months of treatment and a 50 percent reduction after one year.

About BrightView:

Founded in 2015, BrightView provides comprehensive, evidence-based outpatient addiction treatment to thousands of patients in recovery from addictions across Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Delaware.

The organization’s nearly 50 centers offer a hands-on approach to treatment that includes drug-assisted treatment (MAT), individual counseling, group therapy, peer support, comprehensive social services, and work on concomitant disorders. The sites are usually able to administer medication on site, which makes the treatment pleasant and comfortable for the patients.

BrightView’s compassionate and professional staff create an accessible and welcoming environment for physical and emotional healing. BrightView is committed to treating every patient with respect, providing positive reinforcement, and achieving long-term wellbeing. To learn more, visit

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