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The urge to help remains one of the qualities that distinguishes humans from other living beings. This was the case with Dr. Chris Nwafor of Port Edward is the case.

After founding his nonprofit, Coastal Resources Center, Nwafor set out to serve key Port Edwardian communities.

Dr. Chris Nwafor is making a step-by-step difference in the Port Edward community with his AIDS fund initiative.

They are international migrants, sex workers, ex-inmates, and drug addicts, to name a few. His Aidfonds initiative aims to combat the alienation and discrimination they face, with an emphasis on the Port Edward taxi rank.

The Love Alliance project, supported by the AIDS Fund, aims to protect the health rights of important population groups, including members of the LGBTQ community and people with HIV.

“Everyone deserves access to comprehensive and inclusive health services. Eliminating discrimination, stigma and violence against these groups is a key goal of the project, ”added Nwafor.

Behind these two buildings at the Port Edward taxi rank, there is illegal prostitution and drug activity.

According to a gender-based violence victim who chose not to be named, her ex-lover was addicted to whoonga, causing many abusive outbreaks, and she had him arrested in October 2021.

Port Edward is also believed to have the most cases of drug overdose and substance abuse among middle class teenagers.

“We view the drug addiction problem as a medical and social problem that requires the engagement of a diverse group of stakeholders in our community, while we do not focus on helping the mostly black and poor addicts (whoonga boys and girls) in our rural communities lose. “, Nwafor concluded.


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