Open VLD adopts statements on migration and mental health

Flemish liberals gathered in Brussels for the fourth and final ‘Liberal Fire’ congress to carry out an ideological reboot and agree on a new name for the party by May 2023.

This congress was themed ‘Feeling at home in our society’ with discussions on how immigration, ethnic and integration are important parts of a bigger story of inclusion and living diversity together in harmony.

The Congress was open to members and non-members of the party, with key interventions from Minister of Flanders Bart SomersMember of the Chamber of Representatives jasper pills other Souad Abihihealth care specialist and Open VLD activist.

In the end, Open VLD adopted 11 statements to create an inclusive but resolute migration policy, mental health care for all and a strong integration policy. The adopted statements will form the basis for the party’s major congress on 12-14 May 2023.

Each thuis in our same leving. 💙🔥 #LiberaalVuur

This will be announced at the four Liberaal Vuur congresses:

— OpenVld (@openvld) October 22, 2022

The 11 agreed policy statements are:

  • No residence permit without respect for our values
  • Fair distribution of refugees among EU member states
  • Those who want to work in Belgium should be able to do so
  • An inclusive labor market tailored to the individual
  • Stricter conditions for family reunification
  • We break through segregation and strengthen the social mix
  • Integration courses in the country of origin
  • Sanctions for countries that do not take back their own citizens
  • Inclusive childcare for every child
  • Increased budget for mental health care
  • Reform of Growth Package payment so money goes to education purposes, and not people smugglers

Prime Ministers Alexander DeCroo the Congress concluded that solidarity is not infinite:
“However much we want to show solidarity. There is a moment when we have to say, we have done our part, we cannot create infinite places.”

“We want to discuss the future aangaan over what we can do as a country. Hoezeer we also solidair sake zijn. It is a moment when we want to zeggen, we raise one of our ideas, we can never create one-in-one plaatsen” @alexanderdecroo op het #LiberaalVuur-congres

— OpenVld (@openvld) October 22, 2022

Photo credit: OpenVLD


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