Opinion: Break the addiction cycle, stop cannabis use that leads to harder drugs

Re “Overdose deaths surged 33% in San Diego County last year; local authorities warn of ‘fentanyl nightmare’” (Aug. 31): We have a drug abuse epidemic in this city and country. Yet city and county leaders promote drug dealing and drug dealers in the marijuana industry.

Marijuana is the No. 1 drug associated with addiction treatment in young people. When the pot runs out, there are always other drugs, and pot users are not likely to make a smart decision when offered another illicit drug.

Marijuana use has recently surpassed tobacco, and it’s more addictive than ever and psychotropic. Marijuana users require more anesthesia and pain medication after surgery, which indicates marijuana use desensitizes the user requiring stronger and stronger doses.

If you want fewer “death” flags, stop the drug use pipeline with normalizing and facilitating marijuana use and marijuana drug dealers. Address the source of the problems, stop virtual signaling.

Scott Chipman

San Diego

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Source: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/story/2022-09-23/opinion-break-the-addiction-cycle-stop-cannabis-use

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