Opioid Dependancy Therapy Middle Opens in Good

Brilliant, OH (WTRF) – The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t the only crisis we face. Medical officials are talking about the opioid epidemic that is ongoing in parts of the world, particularly Ohio.

But nobody has to face opioiod addiction alone.

7 News reporter Aliah Keller enters an opioid addiction treatment center that has just opened.

“I believe we save lives every day and this addiction is such a life and death disease.”

Chris Byers, Regional Vice President

Chris Byers, Pinnacle Regional Vice President, calls the Ohio Valley home. He grew up there and opening one of their treatment centers in Brilliant is his dream. That became a reality for him today.

“That is a special feeling. It really is like that. “

Chris Byers, Regional Vice President

There are many similar Pinnacle treatment centers that shape the lives of over 32,000 addicts a day.

After working and counting on opioid addiction for 20 years, he has seen a lot and says it only got worse.

“Unfortunately, I had to watch a problem grow across the country.”

Chris Byers, Regional Vice President

Dr. Dan Brown agrees.

“To be honest, COVID really set us back. We are seeing an overdose of opioids again. “

DR. Dan Brown, regional director

Opioid overdoses are the highest they have seen in Ohio in the past decade in 2020, and it’s a problem. Bryers says Buckeye State ran the nation two years earlier, and that’s where such treatment centers come in.

“The need is great. I always say I would like to go out of business for lack of need. Unfortunately, this disease is very common. “

Chris Byers, Regional Vice President

They provide patients with drug-assisted treatment and clinical services that develop their cognitive skills.

Bryers believes this will work. He’s seen how it shapes life firsthand and says it can be done for others too.

“There is hope. I know that when people are sick they often feel hopeless and helpless and have tried many things. But as long as you wake up today, you have the opportunity to recover and regain your life.”

Chris Byers, Regional Vice President

If you are faced with opioid addiction, urge doctors to call (740) 598-2054.

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