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Acting US attorney Richard G. Frohling announced that on December 10, 2021 Lisa Hofschulz (age 61), a former registered nurse in the state of Wisconsin, was sentenced to 20 years federal prison, and Robert Hofschulz (age 74) from Wauwatosa , Wisconsin, was sentenced to three years federal prison for her involvement in a drug trafficking conspiracy and “pill factory”.

Lisa Hofschulz and Robert Hofschulz owned and operated Clinical Pain Consultants (“CPC”) that operated in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. After a nine-day trial in August 2021, a federal jury found Lisa Hofschulz guilty of unlawfully distributing oxycodone, methadone and other opioids outside of a professional medical practice and not for a legitimate medical purpose. The jury also found that Lisa Hofschulz’s illegal distribution of controlled substances resulted in the death of at least one patient. The jury found Robert Hofschulz guilty of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and the illegal distribution of controlled substances.

The evidence presented at the trial showed that Lisa and Robert Hofschulz operated CPC as a “pill factory,” through which they distributed millions of opioids and other controlled substances in 2015 and 2016. The evidence showed that Lisa Hofschulz was 99. Prescribing Opioids and Other Hazardous Controlled Substances% of patients who paid $ 200 in cash per month for their prescriptions each.

The evidence also revealed that Lisa and Robert Hofschulz distributed controlled substances outside of normal professional practice and not for legitimate medical purposes, including by mailing prescriptions to preferred patients and prescriptions to customers who were not treated by a medical provider. Lisa Hofschulz’s prescription resulted in death in at least one patient. According to the study results, Lisa Hofschulz was the number one prescriber of oxycodone and methadone in Wisconsin in 2015 and 2016 compared to all Medicaid providers.

“The opioid crisis continues to disrupt lives, causing overdose injuries and deaths across Wisconsin,” said Acting US Attorney Frohling. “For many, the path to opioid addiction began with prescription drugs, such as those CPC and the Hofschulzes willingly made available for cash. The Department of Justice remains committed to holding those who abuse their prescribing privileges to enrich themselves accountable, regardless of the harm done to their patients and their communities. “

“With nearly 100,000 Americans dying from opioid overdoses each year, medical professionals who violate their oath not to cause harm must be held fully accountable,” said John G. McGarry, assistant special adviser for the Wisconsin Drug Administration. “The DEA will continue to protect Wisconsin families from opioids derived from legal medical goods.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration, with assistance from the Internal Revenue Service, Division of Criminal Investigations, is investigating the case. United States Assistant Attorneys Julie F. Stewart and Laura S. Kwaterski are pursuing the case.

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