Phogat’s PA confesses to giving drug overdose

In a major development in the murder investigation of BJP leader and actor Sonali Phogat, her personal assistant (PA) Sudhir Sangwan has confessed to giving her a drug overdose in order to grab her property worth crores. Sources close to The Goa Police have confirmed that Sangwan admitted to the crime.

He also said that he took one Sukhwinder’s help in order to drug Phogat. Sangwan made the confession in the custody of the Goa Police, which has been visiting Sonali Phogat’s Hisar residence in order to gain clues for investigation.

Even though Sangwan has confessed, the Goa Police also said that sometimes criminals turn away in court. Hence, the Goa Police is still collecting evidence against both Sangwan and Sukhwinder, the two accused arrested in Phogat’s murder case.

Earlier on Saturday, it was reported that police seized three red diaries from the Hisar farmhouse. According to sources, the diaries recovered had a record of Sonali Phogat’s money given through Sudhir Sangwan.

There is also a mention of money invested by her in several States, including Haryana. Phogat’s income and expenses have also been mentioned in the diary. Apart from that, there are names and numbers of some politicians, and some bureaucrats working for Phogat are also recorded in the diary.


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