School District 93 deals with mental health | local news

One of the most challenging aspects of the pandemic has been mental health.

The isolation and fear that COVID has brought has uprooted our lives and affected people in almost every way.

Mental health was an issue that emerged early in the pandemic, particularly for children. The transition to online school and back and everywhere in between has been a struggle for families.

“Right now, especially with the pandemic, we’re seeing an incredible increase in anxiety and depression, which is particularly affecting our students,” said Ken Marlowe, director of social and emotional learning at Bonneville Joint School District 93.

Bonneville Joint School District 93 participated in a virtual family home evening on mental health. It was both a resource and a place for parents to ask questions of mental health professionals.

“DR. Skinner got on board and he’s a psychologist and he shared with the community some of the latest mental health research and some of the trends that were being seen and then answered a lot of questions from parents here locally about their concerns about the mental health,” explains Marlowe

District 93 said they consider the virtual night a success.

“It went really well,” says Marlowe, “it was broadcast to several communities, ours was one of them, and we had by far the largest turnout of any community it was broadcast to.”

In case you missed the event, a link to the recording can be found on District 93’s Facebook page.

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