School girl died from severe pneumonia and a drug overdose – inquest


An inquest took place at Avon Coroner’s Court

<p>The inquest was held at Avon Coroner’s Court.</p>
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<p>The inquest was held at Avon Coroner’s Court.</p>
<p>A 13-year-old school girl found unresponsive in her bed died due to a severe pneumonia and a drug overdose, a coroner concluded during an inquest at Avon Coroners Court.</p>
<p>Krystal-Leigh Holmes was sadly prounounced dead at her grandmother’s home in Southmead on April 25 this year.  The night before, the teenager had told her family she did not want to go to Orchard School in Horfield the next day, following the Easter break, the inquest heard.</p>
<p>The inquest heard how in the morning her grandmother had discovered her unresponsive, and that the young girl could not be saved despite the ‘tremendous’ efforts of the emergency services which responded.</p>
<p>A toxicological analysis revealed that Krystal had a severe infection of her lungs and an excessive level of a prescription drug in her system – either of which, in isolation, would have explained the death of an ‘otherwise healthy teenager’, the inquest heard.</p>
<p>A statement from a police officer said Krystal’s death was not being treated as suspicious, and that the school girl had intended to take the drug, which Bristol World will not name.</p>
<p>Area coroner Dr Harrowing said: “I am satisfied that Krystal intentionally took [the drug] – why she did so I cannot conclude, and I cannot conclude to the required standards of proof that she did so with the intention of ending her life.”</p>
<p>He continued: “Since I cannot be satisfied to the required standards of proof that Krystal intended to end her life, a conclusion of suicide is not appropriate in this inquest.” </p>
<p>He recorded that Krystal’s death was down to natural causes contributed to by drug toxicity.  He also said that he had no criticism of the family given that Krystal did not show any signs to suggest she needed immediate medical attention.</p>
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