Social media can be a mental health challenge for kids

Experts say social media is a problem plaguing kids, and an issue many parents didn’t have to deal with at that age.

While bullying used to stop when you left the classroom, students say now, there’s no escape.

“It’s on our phone, it’s with us all the time, 24/7, there’s not an escape from social drama,” said DC Everest student Sierra Madson.

Experts say it can be detrimental to a child’s self-esteem and overwhelming. And they say the pandemic has only made it worse, hurting the ability for kids to interact socially.

“That’s such a superficial way to connect,” said Gina Lenz, with the NCHC Community Treatment Programming. “It’s missing that empathy and depth, so their developmental needs for connection and a sense of well being and feeling like they belong just wasn’t there.”

Experts say the best way to combat the problem, limit screen time. Which they say they know isn’t easy.

Here are some tips:

  • Know how much time your child is spending on devices.
  • Teens and adults should spend no more than two hours on screens
  • Kids 2-12 years old should spend one hour
  • Infants 0-2 years old should not spend any time on screens
  • Make and enforce limits
  • No TV or computer in child’s room
  • Meal time should be family time, no devices
  • Find a hobby which doesn’t involve screens
  • Set a good example
  • get outside

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