The local service helps men recover from drug addiction

JONES COUNTY Miss. (WDAM) – Fentanyl is having a serious impact on a Pine Belt district, but law enforcement and a local ministry are both working to help those affected.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department deals with fentanyl on a weekly basis.

“It’s such an issue that we assume at this point if we have someone who has overdosed on fentanyl,” said JCSD Narcotics Sgt. Jake Driskell.

While MPs say it’s not the most common drug they see in terms of quantity, fentanyl is extremely deadly, according to the JCSD.

“…A very limited amount of fentanyl can kill you,” Driskell said. “The people we’re dealing with… this stuff isn’t cut with fentanyl, they’re buying straight fentanyl… It’s not heroin at all. They buy it as heroin and just think it’s good heroin. But this is nothing more than pure fentanyl sold as heroin by some drug dealer.”

While the sheriff’s department works to get drug dealers off the streets of Jones County, Mission at the Cross and Hellfighters USA work to help men with drug addictions.

“Men can come to Mission at the Cross and we do an in-person interview and if they meet the criteria we check the guys in and right away we ask them to stop with all the bad stuff and we start telling them about it our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and what He can do,” said Eddie Parker, House Director at Mission at the Cross and General Manager of Hellfighters USA.

Mission at the Cross is a 12-month, faith-based men’s recovery center. Hellfighters USA is a motorcycle and jeep shop that funds Mission at the Cross to keep their services free.

According to Parker, a former Mission at the Cross participant, it’s about helping men beat addiction while keeping their eyes on Jesus.

“I’m one of those people that the mission and the Lord Jesus helped through this program,” Parker said. “This is a safe place to come and get the help you need and get your feet on the concrete to get back into society and a, as we say we men want to be, a productive one to be a taxpayer. paying, tithing-paying citizen.”

If you would like to connect with Mission at the Cross, click here to visit the website or here to view the Facebook page.

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