The Longview community is coming together to stop opioid use.

Since 2015, over £6,000 in prescription medicines have been donated to Longview and White Oak Police Departments

LONGVIEW, Texas – Opioid addiction can create feelings of isolation, but members of the Longview community are coming together to improve prevention strategies, recovery and treatment in their community.

The road to recovery may seem far away to some, but it might be closer than you think – starting in your medicine cabinet.

Coalition for Drug-Free Youth has a drop-off box at the Longview and White Oak Police Departments for the proper disposal of unwanted, unused, or expired medications in the East Texas community.

This is a completely anonymous transaction. Once the dropbox is full, Longivew PD Public Information Officer Brandon Thornton says the department collects the items and stores them in a secured property room. Every six months, the drugs are then shipped to the DEA in Tyler.

The growing opioid crisis is affecting people across the country, and East Texas is no exception. According to the Coalition for Drug-Free Youth with Partners in Prevention, the pandemic has made things worse.

Whitney Pierce, coalition coordinator, says, “We’ve seen an increase in abuse of prescription drugs in people’s homes.” She says the most common for teens are fentanyl, heroin, and other illicit drugs.

Since this partnership began in 2015, over £6,000 of opioids have been donated – with a new goal every year. Pierce says the community donated over £700 of medicine last year. This year the goal was increased to £1,000.

Pierce says she’s excited to push the community with this higher amount because they “want to set the bar high because we know this prevention method has worked and continues to work.”

Longview and White Oak Police Departments do not accept liquids or syringes.

Longview Fire Department accepts syringes at Station 1.

You can donate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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