Top Gambling Addiction eBooks to Read

Digital books are everywhere and whether in online bookstores or libraries, we can read them to get informed, entertain, and to further educate ourselves. As the world of gambling has been prevalent, it is expected to be an entertaining and rewarding experience. Nonetheless, some people can get addicted due to several factors evidently leading to serious financial and social problems.

This topic may be important for those who like to play at online casinos in the UK when on GamStop as British punters are more addicted to gambling according to statistics. To enhance your knowledge of gambling addiction or if you feel an uncontrollable urge to amble, it can be profitable to read some books on gambling addiction. Fortunately, as there are dozens of different books to choose from, here are the best gambling addiction books that you can read.

Gambling addiction has shown a dramatic increase around the world which is an alarming situation as it often leads to suicides. If you are among the compulsive gamblers or if you know someone who feels developing a gambling addiction, the Gambling Addiction book can help them to become gambling-free and save their life. Written by Kurt Dahl, this masterpiece is suicide prevention allowing the readers to acquire more comprehensive information about the available treatment and recovery options for those who struggled with gambling addiction.

The searchers, gambling counsellors, and therapists will learn how to protect their patients from suicide as they will have further addiction information and fresh views about the treatment. From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CTB) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to financial controls, this book is a complete guide to survival, treatment, and recovery from gambling addiction and problem gambling.

The number of women who face gambling addiction is rising. With the hugely positive feedback from women of the first edition, Liz Karter released the revised edition of the Gambling Addiction in Women on April 22, 2020. The author is a British well-known therapist specializing in gambling addiction in women and has helped several women successfully overcome gambling addiction. Four Weeks to Freedom: A Practical Guide to Recovery Revised 2020 Edition Paperback is a practical guide bundled with advice and guidance from the author’s extensive experience as she is a leading specialist in gambling addiction among women.

The book advises the readers through the pages as though are in Liz Karter’s consulting room. They will be helped to understand what to expect at each stage through the different inspired stories of women who have beat gambling addiction. They will be taken step by step through the hardest four weeks of recovery so they can start a new life happier and healthier.

Written by Council on Problem Gambling and Former Gamblers, the Gambling Addiction Recovery Workbook is an inspirational recovery story based on real-life experiences. Through a life-changing method in the book, thousands of readers understand and overcome their gambling addiction. Actually, the authors invented an impressive option for lasting recovery for those who experience gambling addiction.

One of the reasons for making this book popular is its understandable style of writing enabling the readers to easily understand the ultimate guide as well as the personal stories. In the Gambling Addiction Workbook, the trustworthy recovery plan, focusing on a few chapters guide the readers to achieve their goals for recovery. The readers can also be able to help their families and friends by taking the right steps through this book. With the insight of complexities of those who are addicted to gambling into the book, the Gambling Addiction Recovery Workbook is worth to be read.

The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook is a comprehensive guide for gambling addiction treatment. As two gambling disorder experts collaborated to promote the book, this piece of writing provides a strong and evidence-informed theory for a large choice of treatment methods while also dealing with real-life clinical applications. The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook was, actually, written by gambling addiction expert Jody Bechtold and an Associate Professor and Department Chair of Applied Behavior Analysis Programs Alyssa Wilson.

Therefore, the two authors did not only use their significant clinical experience but also addressed further research topics that are vital to the treatment of gambling disorder including legal issues planning, financial management, and money protection. This popular gambling addiction book considers how treatment can be specialized for the groups of addicted gamblers such as minors, adults, diverse communities, trauma survivors, and the military. With the modern resources for the problem gambling treatment, the readers will certainly understand the detailed diagnostic and screening resources including information on the financial and legal aspects.

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