Toti Ciliberto Reveals How He Lost 25 Kilos And Overcame Food Addiction

Although now its media exposure is not the same as it achieved in the 90s Marcelo Tinelli and remembered cycle video matchwhere he developed memorable characters like Paraguayan Requelme and many more who live on in people’s memories, On a personal level Toti Ciliberto is going through a good moment. And your body knows it…

That’s why he gave to the newspaper during an interview ArgentinaThe actor opened his heart and revealed How he managed to achieve a physical transformation after losing 25 kgHe even dared to reveal some details about what made him get the best results and what was the most complicated part of the treatment.

“Not that I have decided, but that I had no other choice. Initially, the lack of gums helped me, forcing me to go to the dentist twice a week. And from this I came back, sometimes, in pain, not feeling like eating and I fed myself with broth,” remarked Silberto.

Toti Silberto with his son Jeronimo in Mendoza. instagram

“I came back reluctant about how aggressive the treatments are. And it made me lose weight and that’s when I got excited. But I was already thinking it was, apparently, a health issue.” for Food is a very strong addiction and it becomes very difficult to quit“The comedians were honest.

“Okay, getting that mouth back helped me, and then continue on. Once the belly shrinks, things start to get a little easier. Now I have lost about 25 kg. I hope to continue like this”, Toti said, knowing of the sacrifice he must make to continue to live.

,I was understanding which foods are better and worse for the bodyThat there are some that are healthier than others, and I started to manage it by eating better, healthier ones,” he explained, noting that he completely changed his eating habits.

Toti Ciliberto lost 25 kg due to a healthy diet and the support of a psychologist. instagram

In addition to diet, Toti Silberto received psychological support

Toti also clarified that he needs the professional support of a psychologist to overcome the addiction. ,Treatment is always important. and more when an addiction is involved, in this case, food, which, in my opinion, is the most difficult because one cannot see it or use it or consume it because it is food and you have to eat it. Putting it on the plate, putting it in front of me makes it very complicated.”

“All medical or mental support will always help and contain, depending on the distance one’s body is going through. What I can recommend or share because it has worked for me is that I have a day when I allow myself to eat what I like“,” the actor said, highlighting “allowed” as part of the secret to success.

,That day I saved me from getting confused. Because I’ve seen people who go on a diet, they do it and they do it, they never take a break and it has a rebound effect and the reverse,” Ciliberto said of a day off the diet. Shut down about taking a vacation, something he believes to be the key to achieving a successful treatment outcome.


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