Triad removes barriers to mental health services as demand grows

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado (KKCO) – The increased demand for mental health services reflects the challenges and uncertainty of recent years. Triad EAP, based in Grand Junction, works with local counselors and employers to break down barriers to accessing mental health services. Triad EAP is a benefit offered by employers. They work with local consultants and help employees and their families to find their way around the complex system.

“Sometimes there’s an urgency behind it and sometimes it’s just about getting people to a better place,” said licensed professional consultant Marti Montoya. “The advantage of an employer with an EAP like Triad is the availability and that we are all very dedicated when it comes to serving the employees who call us.”

Life has proven to be increasingly difficult over the past few years, which could be a reason for the increasing demand for mental health services.

“People are really struggling, and I think it’s not just what happened with the pandemic and these challenges,” said Triad President John Gribben. “But a lot of people are also concerned about the environment and the Front Range fires and the tornadoes. So there is a lot of restlessness and discomfort. Many problems that people may have had with personal challenges, depression, anxiety, are now elevated. “

Triad has a large network of consultants in a wide variety of areas. This will allow them to connect people with a professional who can best handle the specific problem they are looking for.

“We’re talking about a few instances where someone might want to deal with their depression or anxiety,” said Montoya. “Often people will call for help with substance abuse.”

“Part of what we do is helping an employee navigate their way through the mental health system, which can be a real challenge at times,” said Gribben. “It’s about finding the right kind of advisor, and not all advisors are created equal. Therefore we help an employee to find the right advisor. “

Triad works with employees and their families to help them find the right person. They have a website with the areas of expertise and biographies of the consultants.

“We will also make recommendations when someone asks, or even be the bridge to get them started with a particular advisor by finding the right advisor for them,” said Montoya. “Sometimes people call and are so stressed that the idea of ​​going on the website and looking up all the different advisors can be really overwhelming.”

Triad works with a variety of different needs. Marti said they received a call a few weeks ago from a parent who was the clerk calling his 14-year-old son with thoughts of suicide. The very next day they were able to put him through to an advisor straight away.

Triad is a confidential service so the name of the employee is unknown to the employer. They also offer telemedicine and have a 24 hour emergency call for those who participate in the service.

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