Why Cybercrime Threatens Charities; How Nonprofits Fanned the Flames in the Opioid Crisis

Tsiory Andriantsoarana, WFP

Well-known charities on the front lines of hunger and public health crises reported record-breaking donations at the end of the year.

Emily Haynes and Eden Stiffman report that smaller groups with different missions said fundraising was broadly in line with expectations.

The US charity arm of the World Food Program matched donations in 2021. Media coverage has been key in helping the nonprofit raise awareness of hunger and famine around the world. The World Food Program estimates that a segment in ABC’s World News Tonight on climate-related hunger in Madagascar (pictured above) helped attract 27,000 new donors and around $4 million in donations.

Experienced fundraisers say that charities that have clearly articulated why their missions matter have garnered support from new and loyal donors alike. But fundraising in 2022 still faces many challenges, they say. Pandemic concerns are causing some donors to avoid charities working on other issues – and Covid itself has hit some fundraising departments hard.

“A lot of teams are missing some key players — people who’ve been over the holidays or just sick,” April Walker, a fundraising consultant, told us. “You don’t normally start your year with such a limited bank.”

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– Stacy Palmer


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