Year-end data give cause for concern about mental health

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – In 2021, the state of Arkansas saw a 34% increase in the number of people receiving prescriptions for mental health drugs.

It’s a number that therapist CaSandra Patterson says doesn’t surprise her.

“I’m not surprised because there are more people fighting like this,” Patterson said. They know that our bodies are made for short periods of stress, added stress and long periods of time, and that is exactly what happened during the pandemic. “

She believes COVID is one reason the number has risen so high. Mental health therapist Shelby Day agrees that COVID is a problem, but stresses that there are more factors.

“Given COVID and all the bad weather we’ve had in this area last year, I understand why people are scared and stressed,” said Day.

Patterson says the number of prescriptions is due to adults, but the reason could be because more children are fighting.

“You know they had things in school that were important to them like social activities, sports, bands and the like, and they had to stop doing the things they loved,” Patterson said.

Both therapists emphasize the same thing, there is always help. You mentioned the fact that when they are struggling, not enough people will reach out and it is important to know that someone is there for you.

“Just focus on the things that you can control,” said Day. “With all the negatives, we forget to focus on the positive and good things in our life.”

The 34% increase in Arkansas was the third nationwide. This is a statistic that therapists hope to lose weight over the next year.

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